Website Development in 2023

Embracing Metalsmith and 'Use the Platform' Philosophy

In web development, staying current often involves mastering complex build tools and frameworks, which, while powerful, can introduce unnecessary complexity. In 2023, a call for simplicity encourages developers to "Use the platform." This blog post explores building a website with Metalsmith First, a starter kit for the static site generator Metalsmith, in alignment with the "Use the platform" philosophy to streamline web development.

Why Choose Metalsmith?

Metalsmith embodies the "Use the platform" philosophy with its elegant simplicity. It's an open-source static site generator that prioritizes minimalism. Instead of relying on intricate build pipelines and server-side rendering, Metalsmith generates HTML files from input data and templates, making it an ideal choice for projects that value simplicity and performance.

Avoiding Complex Build Tools

Many contemporary website generation tools have steep learning curves due to their intricate build processes. Metalsmith bypasses this complexity, enabling web developers to focus on content creation and user experience design without being bogged down by complicated build setups.

Embracing "Use the Platform"

The "Use the platform" philosophy encourages developers to harness the inherent capabilities of web technologies and browsers without depending on external libraries and frameworks. Metalsmith aligns with this philosophy by producing static websites using HTML, CSS, and plain JavaScript.

Use Metalsmith First

Creating a website with Metalsmith First is as straightforward as its philosophy. With Node.js installed, initiate your Metalsmith project by running:

npx ms-start init my-site

Then, navigate to the newly created project folder:

cd my-site

Launch the development server:

npm start

Finally, visit http://localhost:3000/ in your web browser to view the home page of the Metalsmith First starter. No additional installations or configurations are required. You can now begin adding pages and page sections with ms-start commands.

By embracing Metalsmith First and the "Use the platform" mindset, developers can bypass steep learning curves and intricate configurations, focusing on what truly matters: content creation and delivering seamless user experiences. If your web project prioritizes simplicity, speed, and accessibility, consider trying Metalsmith First.

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