Ruhrpott - Building a website with Metalsmith and

Static Site Generators (SSGs) can be a great tool for developers, but they can be challenging for content editors. Writing or editing blog posts in Markdown may not be ideal for everyone, especially for non-technical writers. While Markdown is excellent for technical documentation, it may not be the best fit for marketing writers.

As someone who loves using Metalsmith, I faced the challenge of making this choice appealing to the people operating the website. In my search for a better user interface, I came across The platform promised all the right things, and I decided to build a proof-of-concept using it.

You can visit the live site at, and the code is available at

As part of the proof-of-concept site, I created four blog posts that explore some aspects of building a Metalsmith site with a Sanity backend. These blog posts are also available on the site for reference.

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