December 19, 2012

Time to reboot. My old blog "to Joomla or to..." had gotten a little long in the tooth and my website needed a serious make over. My old website was done in Joomla and the blog offered tips and things that I had learned in the course of building Joomla websites.

My work as a web engineer has evolved since then. Besides open-source content management system (CMS) based websites, I also build application front-ends, HTML templates and minimum viable products (MVP). But when it comes to a CMS, most corporate clients need more flexibility and extensibility and many just wont touch Joomla. Enter Drupal the content management system that has no limitations... well, almost. I have been building websites with Drupal for a little more than three years now and it has become my favorite tool. I use Wordpress or Joomla but Drupal is still my first choice.

Building with Drupal has been a great learning experience. It is a very powerful, complex beast and has a steep learning curve but it has a very supportive community and many online resources to learn from.

Over the years as I have gained Drupal experience I have shared it with people casually but I am returning to a blog to make my observations available to a broader audience and to have potential dialogs with fellow web workers.

With this blog I hope to contribute a little to the wealth of information that can be found online. I'll share how I solved a particular problem and that might just save somebody hours of research. But this blog will not only be about Drupal but all the problems that I come across during my work... Drupal, Wordpress, jQuery, HTM5, CSS3... and maybe even some Joomla.