Online Drupal Learning Resources

December 30, 2012

Drupal has a steep learning curve that will keep many away. However, once you wrap your head around it, it becomes a powerful tool to build websites and web applications. Fortunately, there are many resources available online that ease the way to understanding Drupal. Here is a list of resources that I found really helpful.


A very good site that offers some free and many for-pay videos. Lullabot is the home of several top notch Drupal experts so you’ll learn from the best. has a newsletter that I find very informative. I have gotten info on new modules and other stuff that normally falls through the cracks if you are surfing and searching. is THE source for all Drpal information but it is sometimes difficult to cut through the clutter. Once you have a good understanding of what you are looking for, nothing beats

The Node One Learning Library

This site was my favorite and I am still visiting this site to get new ideas, or just for a refresh. Johan Falk, or Itangalo as he is known in the Drupal world, presents a ton of detailed tutorial videos. The videos focus on configuring Drupal through the UI so you don’t have to be a coding expert to follow along. And all the videos are free!


NodeOne was acquired by Wunderkraut and the url disapeard. Some videos are now available on Vimeo.

This is a for-pay learning site with excellent videos. I got my feet wet long ago with a video course by Tom Geller, an excellent instructor. Courses at are several hours long but are divided into many small videos so one can follow easily.

Build a module

If you are ready to learn how to extend Drupal with your own modules, Chris Shattuck’s site is for you. Build a module is a for-pay site although some videos are free. This has been by far the best coding site for me. Takes all the mystery out of building a module.

These are my favorite tutorial sites but there are many more out there. If you have used one and can provide some insights please leave a comment so others can benefit.