Werner Glinka

Web Developer


  • Metalsmith
  • Gatsby
  • Remix
  • Wordpress
  • Drupal
  • Javascript/React


I am Werner Glinka, a web developer who found refuge in Minneapolis, Minnesota after spending time in the vibrant tech hub of Silicon Valley. My passion lies in crafting top-notch websites for a diverse range of clients, both established corporate entities and new startups, around the globe. My expertise extends to building static websites as well as working with popular content management systems like WordPress and others.

I frequently collaborate with design companies, assuming the role of a technical expert and implementer, complementing their creative expertise. Together, we strive to create seamless digital experiences that captivate audiences and deliver exceptional results.

One of my ongoing commitments is actively contributing to the open-source project called Metalsmith. This endeavor allows me to give back to the developer community by sharing my knowledge, insights, and expertise. I take pride in authoring and maintaining multiple plugins that enhance the capabilities of Metalsmith. If you're interested, I invite you to explore my projects and witness the fruits of my labor firsthand.

I have worked with these organizations

  • [24]7
  • AI&YOU
  • Baynote
  • Busse Design
  • Code Savvy
  • Condusiv
  • Coraid
  • FDAP
  • German American Artists
  • Goetz&Eckland
  • InstartLogic
  • Jasper
  • Kings Mountain Online
  • Loma Communications
  • LTSE
  • MarketTools
  • Monotype
  • Netomi
  • Paula Schaefer Law
  • PerimeterX
  • Peninsula Museum of Art
  • Power Reviews
  • SafeBreach
  • Schumacher Electric
  • SkylineGroup
  • Tableau
  • Technovation[MN]
  • Witness

People like to work with me

  • Collaborating with Werner on projects is a pleasure. From the beginning of each project, Werner is an engaged member of the team offering feedback and input on how to create the best possible website experience. He always keeps the clients' needs top of mind while remaining true to implementing our website design. We appreciate Werner's hard work and look forward to working with him on future sites.

    Peggy Burke

    Founder & CEO, 1185 Design

  • Thank you so much for developing our website. Mobile is beautiful. Thanks for your excellent development work, quick turnaround, and enduring patience. We are a big fan of Werner’s....

    Hollis Chin

    VP Corporate Marketing, [24]7

  • We have worked with Werner as a key contributor on our client projects – he has become an integral part of what we can deliver and helps us look good. Werner knows his stuff and works above and beyond to figure out the right solution for ArmorBlue and our clients. He has a good sense of humor, has been unflappable, and his work ethic matches ours – I can hardly wait for our next projects together and do highly recommend him!

    Lisa Harmon

    Principal, ArmorBlue, Inc.

  • Werner Glinka is a valued partner of Busse Design. In addition to advanced front-end technical expertise, he brings a level of thoroughness and thoughtfulness to each project he works on. We can always count on Werner to deliver high-quality work on time and on budget.

    Joy Busse

    CEO, Busse Design

  • Werner created a website for my company EngagePoint. He was terrific to work with – highly creative and sensitively priced. Under pressure of a tight deadline, he was able to come up with a beautifully designed solution. Werner has a unique talent of being both a creative artist and a technically superb web designer. He is also a wise businessman who knows how to listen to a client and how to be a step ahead, suggesting implementing functions the website will need in the future as my business grows.

    Natascha Kurtove French

    Founder, EngagePoint

  • Ever since I started working with Werner I have been impressed by his knowledge, skills and sensitivity in creating websites for myself and for the group of GermanAmericanArtists. His immediate and intuitive understanding of a project -and reaching beyond its framework - make communication easy and enjoyable and are keeping our co-operation successful.

    Ines Tancré, Ph.D.

    Artist and Co-founder of German American Artists,

  • Werner is a great guy to build a site with. He is technically skilled and fast, but also gets design, and can see his work from the perspective of the end user.

    Marcus Gosling

    Co-founder, IMVU.com

  • Hereby we want to thank the Busse Design team for the outstanding job on the development and making this website a reality, including implementing the crazy 'never-been-there-before' design ideas and meeting our project timeline. I want to thank, in particular, Werner for making the impossible possible. This site was a complex beast with a short implementation timeline. I appreciate that Werner joined in early in the project with advice, always thinking ahead -- while at the same time keeping a keen eye on the launch deadline. We could not have done this without him!

    Corinna Krueger

    Head of Marketing, Instart Logic

  • Werner Glinka has an eye of an artist, the mind of an engineer and the ear of a marketer. By bringing together technical, design and marketing skills, Werner creates sites that look beautiful, are easy to use and drive sales and marketing programs. He listens, then gives you suggestions and recommendations, discussing the pros and cons. As a client, you can be as collaborative or as hands off as you’d like.

    Kristine Schaefer

    President, Loma Communications

  • Werner has consistently delivered outstanding results for the minimum viable products he has built for me. Highly recommended.

    Eric Ries

    Author of The Lean Startup, theleanstartup.com

  • Werner created the Pacific Art League's website. His design sense and instinct are terrific--he created a site that retained the artistic sensibility but also incorporated the marketing outreach and understood the character of our audience. He was easy to work with--he listens, and he is direct.

    Claudia Morgan

    Former President and Executive Director, Pacific Art league

  • We consulted with Werner prior to starting our web site project and he explained clearly what we needed to consider to ensure flexibility and ease of updating for future growth. He then worked with our visual designer to implement the website on time and on budget. Werner was proactive, suggested visual improvements and was a pleasure to work with. We continue using him for adding site functionality as our business expands and I would recommend Werner to anyone who is planning their digital marketing strategy.

    Stacy McCarthy

    Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Skyline Group

  • For our latest website update we contracted with Werner again. This included the implementation of a consistent design for our Joomla and Wordpress based web properties. He completed the project on time, on budget and the implementation was true to the design. Throughout the project he communicated progress clearly, suggested improvements and was very easy to work with. He is very professional and definitely an expert in his domain. We will use his services again in the future.

    Thuy Sindell, Ph.D.

    Managing Partner, Skyline Group