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My name is Werner Glinka. I craft high-quality websites for clients worldwide.

  • Collaborating with Werner on projects is a pleasure. From the beginning of each project, Werner is an engaged member of the team offering feedback and input on how to create the best possible website experience...

    Peggy Burke

    1185 Design

  • ...Thanks for your excellent development work, quick turnaround, and enduring patience. We are a big fan of Werner’s....

    Hollis Chin


  • ...In addition to advanced front-end technical expertise, he brings a level of thoroughness and thoughtfulness to each project..

    Joy Busse

    Busse Design

  • ...By bringing together technical, design and marketing skills, Werner creates sites that look beautiful, are easy to use and drive sales and marketing programs...

    Kristine Schaefer

    Loma Communications

  • Werner has consistently delivered outstanding results for the minimum viable products he has built for me. Highly recommended.

    Eric Ries


I specialize in working with a diverse range of clients, from established corporate entities to new startups. My expertise encompasses building static websites with Metalsmith and Gatsby and content management systems such as WordPress. I am passionate about supporting non-profit organizations and offer pro bono website development services.
One of my ongoing commitments is actively contributing to the open-source project called Metalsmith. Through this endeavor, I have the opportunity to give back to the developer community by sharing my knowledge, insights, and expertise. I take great pride in authoring and maintaining several plugins that enhance the capabilities of Metalsmith.
  • Metalsmith
  • Gatsby
  • Remix
  • Wordpress
  • Drupal
  • Javascript/React


My open-source projects focus on structured content & user-friendly editing for static web sites.

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[24]7 . AI&You . Busse Design . Code Savvy . Conducive . Coraid . FDAP . German American Artist . Goetz&Eckland . Instart Logic . Jasper . Kings Mountain Online . Loma Communications . LTSE . MarketTools . Monotype . Netomi . Paula Schaefer Law . PerimeterX . Peninsula Museum of Art . Power Reviews . Safebreach . Schuhmacher Electric . SkylineGroup . Tableau . Technovation[MN] . Witness


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